[rt-users] moving rt between machines.]

dr john halewood john at frumious.unidec.co.uk
Tue Nov 20 08:04:13 EST 2001

On Tuesday 20 November 2001 11:53, Tore Micaelsen wrote:
> Am trying, but looks like i cant figue out the syntax...
> trying
> [root at cache /root]#mysqlimport -uroot -ppassword rt2 rt2.sqldump
> mysqlimport: Error: Table 'rt2.rt2' doesn't exist, when using table: rt2

mysql -uroot -ppassword rt2 < rt2.sqldump
Providing your base install is there it should work fine. I've had to do this 
to restore from backup on a number of occasions when users have mangled 
tickets out of all recognition....


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