[rt-users] Re: ticket number sequences

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Wed Nov 21 13:31:50 EST 2001

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Jesse Vincent wrote:

> So, a hack to do multiple sequences like that would hurt rather a lot.

Assuming just one RT instance, yes.  Assuming multiple instances, its not
a biggie.

> A possible solution that might not suck quite as badly from a mantainability
> perspective is to have a "translator" that sits between the mail gateway
> and maps old ticket ids to new RT2 ticket ids. (perhaps using RT's relationships functionality and defining an OldTicket RefersTo new ticket mapping.)  Over
> time, as old tickets got dealt with, things would move gracefully into the
> new system, with less hacking to RT, which would mean fewer hassles for you
> long term ;)

I think I need to look at this relationship mapping thing.

> For the password issue, if you end up with multiple RT instances, you might
> just want to configure RT to use external authentication and set up HTTP auth
> for all of your RT instances against the same password database....

Hrm, may do.

> Does that make sense?

Somewhat.  I must go and contemplate my naval.

                             Bruce Campbell                            RIPE

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