[rt-users] Problem with Opera Browser in logout?

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Thu Nov 22 13:02:56 EST 2001

When using Opera version 5.0 on RT2.0.9, the 'logout' link doesn't
actually logout, and briefly shows the 'you have been logged out of RT2'.
The refresh then puts you back into the RT2 start page without stopping at
the expected login page.

This is irrespective of how Opera is identifying itself to the world.  The
problem is repeatable irrespective of which (valid) RT2 user is used.
This appears to be a problem with the cookie hanging around, but beyond
refusing all cookies, playing with the Opera cookie settings doesn't
change this behaviour.

As I haven't observed Opera5.0 with cookie issues, I'm assuming that one
of RT2 or Opera is being overly stubborn about something ;)

                             Bruce Campbell                            RIPE

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