[rt-users] Problem with Opera Browser in logout?

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Nov 22 13:12:58 EST 2001

Opera  is ignoring RT's no-cache directives. I believe there's a way to set 
opera to "always reload page"  


On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 07:02:56PM +0100, Bruce Campbell wrote:
> When using Opera version 5.0 on RT2.0.9, the 'logout' link doesn't
> actually logout, and briefly shows the 'you have been logged out of RT2'.
> The refresh then puts you back into the RT2 start page without stopping at
> the expected login page.
> This is irrespective of how Opera is identifying itself to the world.  The
> problem is repeatable irrespective of which (valid) RT2 user is used.
> This appears to be a problem with the cookie hanging around, but beyond
> refusing all cookies, playing with the Opera cookie settings doesn't
> change this behaviour.
> As I haven't observed Opera5.0 with cookie issues, I'm assuming that one
> of RT2 or Opera is being overly stubborn about something ;)
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