[rt-users] Re: Alternate authentication methods

Richard Fedoriuk rfedoriuk at rnm.ca
Thu Nov 22 13:45:41 EST 2001

Hello everyone, newbie to the list here...

Please refer to mail-list posting "Alternate authentication methods",
Fri, 29 Jun 2001: http://lists.fsck.com/pipermail/rt-users/2001-June/002716.html

Also referencing mail-list-subject: "Creating Ticket Externally in RT2",
Aug, 2001...

I'm looking for confirmation that if I set the following line found in 

   # If $WebExternalAuth is defined, RT will defer to the environment's
   # REMOTE_USER variable.

   $WebExternalAuth = undef;

...that I can gain access to write a ticket from a remote cgi application
(sending the correct param's naturally to /Tickets/Display.html)...?

Further, is it required to send any user/pass fields to authenticate, or
will all credentials come from a lookup for the $ENV{'REMOTE_USER'}

I'm not interested in displaying the ticket, just want to post the
fields, and I'm having access problems due to the login/session/cookie thing...

apologies if this seems like I haven't tried it, (I haven't), but our
sys-admin is fiercely protective and won't let me edit the script until
I've got 'da proof' (or reasonable facsimile)... 

has anyone successfully tried this? any suggestions appreciated...
thanks for your time,

 - Richard
  Richard Fedoriuk
  Build Manager
  Rogers iMedia
  Ph: (416) 642-4826
  rfedoriuk at imedia.rogers.com

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