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Robert Passlow Robert at agen.com.au
Thu Nov 22 22:10:57 EST 2001


Maybe keep your Exchange MTA and setup custom recipients for rt-<queue>@yourdomain.com to go to rt-queue at yourlinuxbox.yourdomain.com

Set your RT email address to rt-queue at yourdomain.com so the replies will go via the Exchange MTA

That should do the trick and let RT be happy with sendmail and it will be invisible to your users.


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I am new to RT and world of Linux....sorry if i asked stupid questions.

Currently, I am using Exchange as our primary email gateway and I wishes to
implement RT as part of our HelpDesk service.  However, I wish not use the
Linux "sendmail" or "qmail" ....... "mainly don't know how" 8-)
So, I try to figure out how to use Exchange as the MTA, ok...the question is
Can someone give me a clue.....I'll be very thankful.

Eddy Yiu

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