[rt-users] rt CLI 'priority' bug?

Percynski, Fred Fred.Percynski at divine.com
Mon Nov 26 11:00:56 EST 2001

./rt --create --status=new --queue=1 --owner=2 --subject="test"
--priority=1  ......

the priority field is blank when the ticket is created.
I found in the database there are these fields

and that when I use the CLI the InitialPriority and Priority fields are
both blank.  But when I use the WebUI these fields are populated.  So on
a hunch I modified rt, in the section
# {{{ Check if we're creating, if so, create the ticket and be done

I modified the line
Priority => $priority, 
to be
InitialPriority => $priority,

and this fixed the problem.  Don't know if I stumbled across a bug or
not, but thought I would let Jesse and others know in case it is.

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