[rt-users] Replies not being sent

Gorazd Bozic gorazd.bozic at arnes.si
Tue Nov 27 02:54:02 EST 2001

Hi everyone,

I have a strange problem with RT 2.0.9 installation: replies in tickets
(response to requestors) are never sent. Autoreply works fine when ticket
is created, as well as scrips that send mail to requestor on status 
change and owner change (I have installed the add-on). I have set up
the 'sendmailpipe' and options and the path to sendmail are both OK
(otherwise scrips couldn't send messages).

Did anyone have a similar problem?


Gorazd Bozic <gorazd.bozic at arnes.si>
ARNES SI-CERT, Jamova 39 p.p. 7, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel: +386 1 479 88 22, fax: +386 1 479 88 99

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