[rt-users] requestor getting comments

Justin Wood justin at flipdog.com
Tue Nov 27 15:03:11 EST 2001

I recently set up RT 2.0.9 on FreeBSD 4.4-STABLE.  Most things seem to
work fine.  There is one thing I don't quite understand however.  I am
testing the comments, and the requestor seems to be getting them.  I
used the web interface, and made sure that it said "comment (not sent to
requestor)" and sent it.  The requestor got a mail, and one of the first
lines in it said,

	This is a comment.  It is not sent to the Requestor(s):

The scrip I have in place says 

	OnComment NotifyAllWatchersAsComment with template AdminComment

Am I missing something?  Anyone have any hints?

Thanks in advance,
Justin Wood				justin at flipdog.com
Systems Administrator
FlipDog.com			   http://www.flipdog.com/

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