[rt-users] MAJOR PROBLEM

James Adam Sigler hollow1 at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Nov 27 18:53:35 EST 2001

I desperately need some help with my little problem. After compiling 
installing and configuring every piece of software required by RT using
perl5.005_03, and after editing the httpd.conf file. The error I get when 
attemptting to use the web interface is as follows [Error] Can't locate 
object method new in package RT::Handle at ac631/rt2/lib/RT.pm at line 26.
This error arrives in my httpd error_log file. Let me know how to fix this 


			-James Adam Sigler-

James Adam Sigler
College of Computing
Georgia Tech
Phone: 404-385-0391
Office: CoC 211
Email: hollow1 at cc.gatech.edu

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