[rt-users] MAJOR PROBLEM

Greg Boug gboug at unico.com.au
Tue Nov 27 19:28:15 EST 2001

In Perl, it usually means a package hasn't been included in
the use list, but its attempting to be referenced. Have a look
at lib/RT.pm and make sure somewhere near the top has this line:

	use RT::Handle;

It could also be:

	require RT::Handle;

If either are there, might be worth checking that there _is_ a 'new'
function in RT::Handle... It'll be in ac631/rt2/lib/RT/Handle.pm.
Search for 'sub new' in that file... It should be there, I would
doubt Jesse would do something silly like forget to add in a new
function... ;-)

Assuming that is there, you will then want to check that ac631/rt2/lib
is one of the directories in the perl library path for that program.
Its contained in the @INC array... Add the following to the top
of the script:

	print STDERR join(",", @INC) . "\n";

The STDERR stuff will be printed to the error log...

If its not in the list, then you will need to add it... I
can't remember how RT likes this done off the top of my
head, hopefully Jesse remembers... ;-) Just make sure you
put in the _full_ path as that is what Perl will be

I'm assuming this is going to work with Mason... I'm sure someone will
correct me if its not going to work... ;-)

Hope this helps :-)


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> I desperately need some help with my little problem. After compiling
> installing and configuring every piece of software required by RT using
> perl5.005_03, and after editing the httpd.conf file. The error I get when
> attemptting to use the web interface is as follows [Error] Can't locate
> object method new in package RT::Handle at ac631/rt2/lib/RT.pm at line 26.
> This error arrives in my httpd error_log file. Let me know how to
> fix this
> please.
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