[rt-users] Mail send delay revisited

Jeremy Freeman j.freeman at sporg.com
Tue Nov 27 17:59:02 EST 2001

I have been fighting with this problem for some time now. I got some initial
suggestions from this list for solving it, but they did not pan out. Maybe
there are some other ideas floating around out there?


When replying to a Requestor from within RT 2.0.8 it takes 30 seconds
(almost exactly every time) for the page to refresh thus indicating
correspondance had been sent. This causes mental problems for my impatient
users.. I'm sure you can understand. Funnny thing is the mail seems to get
sent right away. It's like RT is not seeing that the mail has been sent and
is falling back to a timeout?

Other details: Using Exim 3.32 on Debian (Potato) with Apache-SSL-Mod_perl
I am accessing rt via SSL

Here is the relevant portion of my config.pm (comments stripped):

#Sendmail Configuration
$MailCommand = 'sendmail';
$SendmailPath = "/usr/sbin/exim";
$UseFriendlyToLine = 1;

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you for any help

Jeremy Freeman
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