[rt-users] setting a default for New Ticket

Dane Rapaport dane at al.com.au
Wed Dec 4 21:12:20 EST 2002

Hi folks,

Id like to be able to set a default queue for the 'New Ticket In' call 
on the main page.

I traced it back to


and it has this content:

<& SelectQueue, Name => $Name, Verbose => $Verbose, Default => $Default,
	ShowAllQueues => 0, ShowNullOption => 0 &>
$Name => 'Queue'
$Verbose => undef
$Default => undef

When I change verbose to 1, I get extended information on the Queue 
Names ie QueueName + Description

But when I change $Default to the queue I want as the default queue for 
New Ticket, nothing changes. I tried various punctuation around my 
desired 'queue'.

After mucking around for a while I gave up in dis(gust|tress) and sought 
a more kludged method.

As my desired default queue was actually the last queue alphabetically,
I changed /path/to/rt2/lib/RT/Queues.pm to  ORDER => 'DES'
so it reverses its sort order, my default queue is now at the top of the 
list and is therefore the default queue when I click 'New Ticket In'.

Does anyone have any idea how to actually set a default queue for New 
Ticket that doesn't involve kludging the sort order?

Was I using incorrect syntax when editing SelectNewTicketQueue?

Was I looking in completely the wrong place?

Thanks in advance


Dane Rapaport
Unix Systems Administrator and All Round Nice Guy
Animal LOGIC, Fox Studios Australia
p: +61 2 9383 4652
m:  0414 735 922

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