[rt-users] Ownership

Jon Anhold jon at snoopy.net
Fri Feb 1 02:35:42 EST 2002

I really like the 'take ownership' model of RT, as opposed to the give or
assign ownershp model of most other ticketing systems.

What I'd really like to see would be some way of handing a ticket off to
somebody else where they then have to TAKE ownership.

For example, a ticket comes into the system to perform certain tasks. I
take ownership and perform the first couple of tasks and then need to hand
the ticket off to someone else for them to complete the next steps. 

Instead of modifying the ticket and _giving_ them ownership, it'd be really
nifty to somehow hand them the ticket so it shows up in their 'inbox' of
owned tickets, but then they need to TAKE ownership of the ticket and then
move forward completeing certain tasks, etc.

How difficult would it be to impliment something like this?


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