[rt-users] adminCcs not receiving notifications, mta error: "List:; syntax illegal"

Toni Willberg toni.willberg at atbusiness.com
Fri Feb 1 05:57:06 EST 2002

> This is what I see in sendmail's mailq:
> g119S2924740      388 Fri Feb  1 11:28 mail
>                  ('AdminCc of Request Ticket #10037':;... List:; syntax
> illega)
> 				       toni.willberg at company.com
> 				       otheradmin at company.com
> 				       thatadmin at company.com

And weirdly enough, it seems that later my mailq was empty and all the
mail that was in queue has been delivered to those AdminCcs correctly.

Anyone experienced the same?

I'm running sendmail-8.11.6-3 (RH rpm) and it's configured to use other
host as relay. The other MTA is CommunigatePro.

- Toni


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