[rt-users] adminCcs not receiving notifications, mta error: "List:; syntax illegal"

Toni Willberg toni.willberg at atbusiness.com
Fri Feb 1 04:47:45 EST 2002

My RT can't send notifications to adminCcs, the mail seems to be in
incorrect format for Sendmail.

This is what I see in sendmail's mailq:

g119S2924740      388 Fri Feb  1 11:28 mail
                 ('AdminCc of Request Ticket #10037':;... List:; syntax
				       toni.willberg at company.com
				       otheradmin at company.com
				       thatadmin at company.com

And in maillog:

Feb  1 11:39:31 servername sendmail[24783]: g119dVX24783: g119dVY24783:
DSN: 'AdminCc of Request Ticket #10038':;... List:; syntax illegal for
recipient addresses

The configuration for queue watchers; Configuration > Queues >
Support-queue > Watchers:

Administrative Cc:

 Admin First:  otheradmin at company.com
 Admin Second: thatadmin at company.com
 Toni Willberg: toni.willberg at company.com

Those mail addresses we really use are valid and they work fine for
other than this AdminCc stuff.

It looks like RT has mixed Subject: and To: -fields for AdminCc

Thanks for all help,


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