[rt-users] Ownership

Bret Martin bam at miranda.org
Fri Feb 1 09:09:06 EST 2002

On Fri, 01 Feb 2002 02:35:42 EST Jon Anhold wrote:
> Instead of modifying the ticket and _giving_ them ownership, it'd be really
> nifty to somehow hand them the ticket so it shows up in their 'inbox' of
> owned tickets, but then they need to TAKE ownership of the ticket and then
> move forward completeing certain tasks, etc.
> How difficult would it be to impliment something like this?

The way we accomplish this is by convention: the "new" status means a 
ticket hasn't been acknowledged.  "Open" means it has.

So, when things come into a general queue, my manager and I move them 
to the right queue and owner.  The others in our group can look for 
"new" tickets assigned to them.


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