[rt-users] Ownership

Jon Anhold jon at snoopy.net
Fri Feb 1 13:03:47 EST 2002

Previously, Bruce Campbell (bruce_campbell at ripe.net) wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Jon Anhold wrote:
> > For example, a ticket comes into the system to perform certain tasks. I
> > take ownership and perform the first couple of tasks and then need to hand
> > the ticket off to someone else for them to complete the next steps.
> >
> > Instead of modifying the ticket and _giving_ them ownership, it'd be really
> > nifty to somehow hand them the ticket so it shows up in their 'inbox' of
> > owned tickets, but then they need to TAKE ownership of the ticket and then
> > move forward completeing certain tasks, etc.
> How does:
> 	modify ticket, give someone ownership
> differ from
> 	modify ticket, indicate in some way that they should take it

Because by _taking_ ownership, they're saying that they are going to deal
with it. If you drop it into someone's lap, there's no ownership there,
they just suddenly have it.

> Have you looked at http://www.fsck.com/pub/rt/contrib/2.0/NotifyOldOwner/
> and http://www.fsck.com/pub/rt/contrib/2.0/OwnerChange/ ?
> ( These give you the ability to have RT email people when the ownership of
>   the ticket is changed )

not yet.

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