[rt-users] Email address blacklist

seph seph at commerceflow.com
Fri Feb 1 15:36:44 EST 2002

"THAUVIN Blaise (Informatique)" <bthauvin at clearchannel.fr> writes:

> Reading this, I find the problem to be very similar to mailing-list daemons.
> One solution is to set the RFC approved field "send-errors-to :" (or
> "errors-to:", I don't remember) to a specific address. RFC compliant mailers
> will then send error messages to a specific address wich will be different
> from the "reply-to:" or "From:" address.

you're very confused. Errors-To is several things, none of which is
"rfc approved", and if anything is *dis*-approved. rfc2822 ("Internet
Message Format") does not mention it, and rfc2076 ("Common Internet
Message Headers") goes so far as to say it's non-standard and not

I believe the common complain about it, is that it's not in the
envelope. which makes it annoying to send bounces to.


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