[rt-users] SelfService UI and Ticket Display

Beachey, Kendric Kendric.Beachey at garmin.com
Fri Feb 1 11:05:30 EST 2002

> From: Rolf Meinecke [mailto:rm at codeon.de]
> Using RT 2.0.9
> I have the SelfService UI set up for some of our customers. On of the 
> customers is also a watcher for a queue. When someone else 
> enters a new 
> ticket, this user receives an email with a link to the ticket (<URL: 
> http://rt.ourdomain.de:80//Ticket/Display.html?id=39 >). 
> Instead of being 
> taken to the ticket details directly with this link he ends up at his 
> 'inbox'. By entering the ticket number into the 'go to 
> ticket' field, he 
> can see the ticket details.
> Is this a bug? Can RT be configured to fix this?

This sounds kind of similar to a problem a bunch of others (myself included)
have been having, where once you get into the SelfService area, every link
you hit just takes you back to the "home" SelfService page.  So far I have
only seen people asking questions about this, and nobody providing any
answers.  You're the first I've seen that has been able to get anything
useful out of it (by manual entry of ticket id--I just tried this on mine,
and it doesn't work).

It seems that for the people whose SelfService area works, it Just Works out
of the box.  For those of us whose SelfService area doesn't work, it Just
Doesn't, and nobody knows why (or at least nobody that knows why has stepped

For my part, I'm just not telling my users that such a thing exists, since I
don't know how to make it work.


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