[rt-users] Somewhat urgent help required.

Dane Rapaport dane at al.com.au
Sun Feb 3 18:37:33 EST 2002

As a matter of some urgency, I REALLY need to configure RT to be able to
display the priority
in the main or "Home" window.

That is to say, the Home window should ideally appear somewhat like

25 Highest Priority Tickets I Own...

             #Subject                                        Queue
Status     Priority
 2948   rt not displaying priority              jobs
open            4                   [Update]

Any advice on how to do this would be GREATLY appreciated.

I was hoping it could be done by adding something into the weboptions
hash in the config.pm file.
Something like this:

{ Header => 'PriorityDisplay',
         TicketAttribute => 'PriorityAsInt'
#or perhaps PriorityAsString...the Tickets table describes it as an

This is, as a some of you would know, very similar to the way one would
add the DateDue
to the default display. (or so I have seen from the FAQ at any rate)

I would just like someone to tell me if
a) this is the correct way to do it
b) if the change I suggested will bring about the result I am looking
c) the syntax is correct?
d) i should be doing it some other way??

Thanks in advance


Dane Rapaport
Systems Administrator and All Round Nice Guy
Animal LOGIC, Fox Studios Australia
p: +61 2 9383 4964
m:  0414 735 922

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