[rt-users] Somewhat urgent help required.

Dane Rapaport dane at al.com.au
Mon Feb 4 16:54:54 EST 2002

Thanks to all who provided assistance with this.
It was truly appreciated.

Chris: I wasnt looking very closely at the commenting about the
weboption prototyping.
Yesterday, before any replies came through I already figured out the
 { Header => 'Priority',
         TicketAttribute => 'Priority'

and added it into the config.pm file and it worked.
Priority is now displayed on the tickets listed in the Search results.

With the advice from Jesse and rt_user, I can now modify the Home page
display the Priority as required.

Thanks again to Jesse et al.


Dane Rapaport
Systems Administrator and All Round Nice Guy
Animal LOGIC, Fox Studios Australia
p: +61 2 9383 4964
m:  0414 735 922

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