FW: [rt-users] Re: Attachments in Correspondance?

Matt Plec matt at nothingreal.com
Mon Feb 4 17:30:04 EST 2002

We've been using this for a couple of weeks. It seems to work just
fine. Install at first seemed confusing but turned out to be very
simple. From the notes I jotted down....

. drop the .pm file into lib/RT/Action
. add an appropriate entry to ScripActions table

For the ScripActions entry, I think there is a bit of perl included to
do this, but I just took a look at the other records in the table and
that bit of code and it was obvious what needed to be added, so I just
added the record myself.

It seems like it must be more complex but as I said, it turned out to
be pretty simple and just worked as expected. A lot of RT has seemed
that way to me. I don't know Perl well, and definitely not with all
the modules/etc so I'm a bit timid to go mucking around in it.
However, everything just seems to work the way you'd expect and the
little things I've tried always turned out to be easier than I
expected. Very cool.

On that note, if anyone has experience with it, a bit of a tutorial on
building HeadsUp type of reports would be fantastic; at least some
general guidance on how things go together. I see various files that
seem to have different functions. I can make some changes, but I'm not
sure how to go about getting what I want (and to see what I *can* get,
for that matter). I'm not sure if I need to learn more about using
perl in this object-oriented kind of way and it will be more obvious
or just grasp the architecture of RT better to know where to begin.


> >>On Wed, 2002-01-16 at 20:04, Mike White wrote:
> >>
> >> Has anyone tried out Staffan Larsen's NotifyWithAttachment
> >>
> >>
> >> I'm thinking of implementing it and i'm wondering if anyone has
> >> found any problems.
> >
> > [Ross Williamson ross.williamson at quios.net]
> > We have implemented this locally and it works really well.
> i'd also like to use it, but am unsure if i should hack my local
> or wait for an easy downloadable patch or update.  i don't see it in
> 2.0/contrib, will it land there or in release?  ideally (for me :),
> it's going to be rolled into 2.0.12 (or already is in .11 and i
> it in the ChangeLog) which'll be sufficient reason for me to
> please advise, thx!

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