[rt-users] RE: PROCMAIL

George Warnagiris gwarnagiris at babcockbrown.com
Mon Feb 4 21:55:21 EST 2002

I have a problem using procmail with RT and I though you may be able to
help.  I have been assigned the task of cleaning up after my department's
Exchange administrators.  All SMTP email that leaves the Exchange servers
have a disclaimer appended.  For obvious reasons, I am trying to filter this
disclaimer before it hits RT.  I have created a procmail recipe that uses
perl to strip the unwanted text.  I though this should be invoked in the
aliases file like this:

helpdeskus: "| procmail /etc/.procmailrc | /opt/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue
helpdeskus --action correspond"

It, unfortunately, sends a blank, header-less, body-less email to RT.  I'm
not sure what I'm doing wrong here.  I thought you may be able to suggest a
better place to invoke procmail.  Maybe I should insert perl directly into
RT to perform this?

Any thoughts or suggestions on this mater would be appreciated.


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