[rt-users] Arrgghh - Its happening again !!!

Simon Woodward sw-lists at onyx.net
Wed Feb 6 07:48:18 EST 2002

Yup, its me again, and the problem still remains.

I have had some great help with this, specifically big thanks go out to
Bruce Campbell and Jesse, however even with all the extra debugging and
stuff I now have going on, I'm still no further forward.

For those of you that aren't aware of this problem:

Every now and then, once in a while a ticket comes along that no matter
what happens, if you correspond, no reply is sent, RT does not even make
an attempt to deliver it, nothing appears in the mail logs, nothing
appears the debug logs (even with the extra debugging I added, (thanks
again Bruce!)) ...

The initial mail (ie thanks, your ticket number is) goes fine, its just
all future correspondence that doesn't. Trouble is this time it could
not have happened to the wrong customer !!! and also just as I am trying
to get more departments on the system.

I have scrips set up right.
Everything generally works wine (we are probably talking 1 ticket in
several thousand)
I have a ticket where I can repeat this time and time again
I have checked and double checked the mail address (remember the inital
auto response went fine)

Any suggestions, extra debug code ideas, ideas for better places to
look, or suggestions on a quick and painless death gratefully received.


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