[rt-users] RT speed problem

Tim Atkinson tim.atkinson at itouch.com.au
Wed Feb 6 08:02:07 EST 2002

I have recently moved our RT system both onto a new machine and version and
am currently experiencing massive speed problems with RT after the upgrade.
Here's the lowdown on the before and after:

Pentium III 733
384Mb RAM
IDE ATA33 disk
RT 2.0.1

Dual Pentium III 600
512Mb RAM
SCSI U2W disk (RAID-5)
RT 2.0.9

After finding the speed issues I tried moving the RT database to another
RAID-0 array on the same machine and also to another server but to no avail.
I upgraded RT to 2.0.11, also with no effect. I then tried downgrading to
2.0.5 (no effect) and subsequently 2.0.1 which fixed the issue.

Our RT database is ~350Mb. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this type
of issue and if there is a fix of any kind for it (apart from continuing to
run 2.0.1)?


Tim Atkinson

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