[rt-users] Domain name change?

RT2 Troubles rt2trouble at morben.ca
Wed Feb 6 20:07:31 EST 2002

Well this stinks.. I setup RT2 for our organization and they suddenly want to 
use it as a global tracking system rather than a local system. This means 
that instead of rt.foo-bar.com they want the RT system to identify itself as 
rt.foo.com in the web interface and all the E-Mail correspondence. I have 
already told the people in charge that the domain change would likely break 
RT since it probably uses the domain name right down to the ticketing level. 
However I'm very unsure of the issues and I'd really like input from people 
who have tried this or understand RT well enough to speculate on the possible 

If it is possible to make the change with little hassles, I'm sure my next 
question would be something like, "in which files is RT refering to the 
domain information?" so I know what needs to be changed.


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