[rt-users] RT speed problem

Vivek Khera khera at kcilink.com
Thu Feb 7 14:06:38 EST 2002

>>>>> "DN" == Darren Nickerson <darren at dazza.org> writes:

DN> The only workable solution I found was to export the data from RT, drop the
DN> database and recreate it from the 2.0.11 schema script, and re-import the
DN> data. There's several threads on this in the mailing list archives about
DN> this. It's a destructive procedure, so make sure you've got good backups, just
DN> in case.

Or, do it the easy way: diff the schema files between older and newer
release and add the necessary indexes.  Only other change was the
length of three varchar fields, at least in the Postgres version.  One
of the new indexes obsoletes an older one, however, since postgres
uses partial indices when the field is the first in the combined

That is

CREATE INDEX Attachments1 ON Attachments (Parent);

is obsoleted by

CREATE INDEX Attachments3 ON Attachments (Parent, TransactionId);

according to the discussions on the postgres mailing lists.

I'm sure some nice foreign key relations could help out too but I'm
not gonna try to analyze that myself... ;-)

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