[rt-users] Problem installing

Anthony Hardy mis at jdcc.net
Thu Feb 7 22:49:45 EST 2002

Apache::Cookie just doesn't want to install . .while i don't know much
about CPAN . i at least can recognize errors.

i've hand downloaded several packages with libapreq in it . .0.31, 0.33
. .all gave me the same error to start . .need several files . httpd.h,
etc.  ok . no problem.  i grabbed the source rpm for my apache distro .
.installed it.  used configure to point to my include dir . .then got
some sort of version conflict . . . read on inet to use libtoolize -f .
.and that then wanted me to run aclocal.

now getting stuck at needing ap_config_auto.h.

i have NO idea how to get this file . .what package it comes in, etc.

any help guys? . this is day three on trying to get all this junk


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