[rt-users] Force installing CPAN module

Rob Walker rob at myinternetplace.net
Fri Feb 8 01:56:27 EST 2002

On Thursday 07 February 2002 20:24, Shannon Pedersen wrote:

> I'm running into problems with the install of Apache::Session and 
> DBD::MySQL 2.0416.  I've combed the archives of messages to this
> list and found a command to force the install of the Apache::Session
> module (perl -MCPAN -e'force install Apache::Session') but that still
> didn't work; the tail end of the error message is:

That's cool.  I didn't know that you could do it on one line like that.  Do 
CPAN like this:

perl -MCPAN -e shell

and then do the command you want to do from an interactive shell.  "install 
Apache::Session" is a command I think that you will like to try.  

Then you will have a ton of extra debugging information to send us.

> Sooooo...sort of at a loss as to how to even debug this one.  I'm not sure
> if I've hosed things up to the point of reinstalling everything.

You aren't at that point.

> I've got a RedHat 7.1 system with MySQL 3.23.36.  When I ran "make testdeps"
> to begin with, I didn't have any of the modules, so I ran "fix testdeps." 
> In doing so, it pretty much rebuilt Perl completely, so that could be my
> issue.

Interesting.  I didn't use "fix testdeps", because debian had all of the 
modules there for me to "apt-get install".  :-)  I take it "make testdeps" 
has much less output now than it did before?


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