[rt-users] Feature diff RT1 v. RT2 ?

Dave Ewart Dave.Ewart at cancer.org.uk
Fri Feb 8 04:11:46 EST 2002

Dear all,

Have searched the archives and couldn't find a straight answer to this,
so apologies if it has been discussed before ...

I have got RT 1.0.7 up-and-running - this was after a failed attempt to
install RT 2.0.11, which needed too many extra (Perl-related)
dependencies that broke critical stuff on the same box.

I am determined to have another go ... but it would be useful to know
exactly what features I am currently missing out on by only using
version 1.0.7.  Would someone be kind enough to summarize the main
features that the 2.x series has that the 1.x series does not have?

Many thanks,


Dave Ewart
Dave.Ewart at cancer.org.uk
Computing Manager, Epidemiology Unit, Oxford
Cancer Research UK
PGP: CC70 1883 BD92 E665 B840 118B 6E94 2CFD 694D E370

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