[rt-users] Re: Feature diff RT1 v. RT2 ?

Dave Ewart Dave.Ewart at cancer.org.uk
Fri Feb 8 05:03:04 EST 2002

On Friday, 08.02.2002 at 02:19 -0700, Forrest W. Christian wrote:

> > ...
> >
> > Would someone be kind enough to summarize the main features that the
> > 2.x series has that the 1.x series does not have?
> There is really no comparison.
> Let me see if I can use an analogy...  "Please describe the difference
> in features between the Horse and modern automobiles".
> You want RT2.  There are screenshots online.

A nice analogy ... :-)  I've seen the screenshots and I did like the
look of it and I appreciate that RT1 and RT2 are hugely different.

If you'd care to indulge me, though, can you mention one or two
_specifc_ features which were absent from RT1 which you now feel that
you could not "be without" in RT2?

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