[rt-users] adding keywords on ticket creation?

Raymond Norton admin at support.lctn.k12.mn.us
Thu Feb 7 14:03:31 EST 2002

Most users open tickets via email. Presently I have them add the
workstation ID to the subject line, and can usually find it in a search. I
was hoping there would be a way to give it a keyword command, much like
subscribe, and unsubscribe. This would enter all the info on a ticket
without me having to go to the ticket and adding it in later.

I am aware this can be done via the web interface, but I'm guessing only 5-
10% of my tickets are created this way.

> On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Rob Walker wrote:
>> On Thursday 07 February 2002 12:22, Darrin Walton wrote:
>> > It sounds like they do understand keywords, as after they create the
>> > ticket, they are then adding the keywords.  Just explaining to each
>> > user that before they hit 'create', they should clikc on 'Show
>> > Details' and pick the keyword there.
>> Good point, it isn't that difficult.  However, I doubt that the users
>> in this case _really_ want to use RT.  I don't mean that they don't
>> want to use it, but that using RT isn't their jobs, but it is an
>> adjunct to their jobs, hopefully making their jobs more efficient.  I
>> think that the more work we can do automatically for them, the better.
>>  Think of it as the next evolution from typewriter and paper through
>> RT to "mind-reading RT".  :-)
> Raymond, your question to rt-users perhaps needs some additional
> information.  RT, as it is, is not capable of automatically assigning a
> keyword based on the contents of the ticket (unless the enhanced
> mailgate is, and someone will pipe up if it can).
> Based on the phrasing of the question, I gather that the input to RT is
> formatted in a particular way, eg:
> 	Problem: widget broken
> 	Machine: workstation-23
> etc.
> It would be possible to have RT perform a particular action when it
> 'sees' that input on creation, and thus mark the ticket with a
> particular keyword, based on patterns in the input, thus doing what you
> want.
> If you describe the problem in more detail, a solution might be found.
> If you throw money at Jesse, a solution will be found ;)
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