[rt-users] Subject wrong - breaking RT 'threading'

Dave Ewart Dave.Ewart at cancer.org.uk
Mon Feb 11 10:39:14 EST 2002

Dear RT people,

I took the plunge on RT2, upgrading from RT1 ... seems to have worked
very well, although I'd really appreciate a couple of pointers for this

I have setup the "rtname" to be "Req", so that the subjects to emails
appear as, e.g. "[Req #120]"  (I wanted it to be a very short string!)

However, whenever replies or 'resolves' are sent to the Requestor
through the web interface, the subject is
"[rt.fully-qualified.domain.name #120]" and this breaks recognition of
the ticket when a subsequent reply is received back from the Requestor.

Why is the 'rtname' being ignored here?  The appropriate line from
'config.pm' is:

> $rtname="Req";

Thanks in advance for any help,

Dave Ewart
Dave.Ewart at cancer.org.uk
Computing Manager, Epidemiology Unit, Oxford
Cancer Research UK
PGP: CC70 1883 BD92 E665 B840 118B 6E94 2CFD 694D E370

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