[rt-users] where am I going wrong?

Dane Rapaport dane at al.com.au
Mon Feb 11 21:05:48 EST 2002

When I send an email to  trial at rt.mydomain.com  I get no ticket creation
nor any response.
When I send an email to trial at bob.mydomain.com I get no ticket creation
nor any response.

My machine is called   bob.mydomain.com
I have a cname in DNS which makes bob.mydomain.com point to
Like so.....

rt       IN      CNAME   bob

I have this entry in my  system    /etc/aliases file.

trial: "|/usr/local/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 'Projects' --action
trial-comment: "|/usr/local/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 'Projects'
--action comment"

I ran 'newaliases" after entering it.

In the queue Projects, the Requestor has permission to CreateTicket

I have made this symlink :
ln -s /usr/local/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate   /etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate

In config.pm,
my $rtname="mydomain.com";
my $Organization="mydomain.com";
my $LookupSenderInExternalDatabase = undef;
my $SenderMustExistInExternalDatabase = undef;

Currently my Correspond and Comment Address are as follows:

My $WebBaseUrl = "http://rt.mydomain.com";

I am using sendmail.  Apache, mysql and rt2 itself are all installed on
the machine bob.mydomain.com

In my Global Scrips I have:
 OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestors with template Autoreply

Whether relevant to this problem or not.....
In my /usr/local/rt2/logs, I see this error message a lot:
RT::Action::Notify=HASH(0x8e95e68): Could not send mail for

In theory, with the settings I currently have, I believe if i send an
email to
trial at rt.mydomain.com , a ticket should be generated and I should be
As I stated above, this is not the case.

Any ideas what I have forgotten? Any ideas as to where I should look
further to ascertain
the cause of this problem?

rt2 is currently working and is generating emails as per my rules when
tickets are created manually implying that sendmail is functioning
properly, at least in some form.

So yes, any clues as to my downfall?

Thanks in advance


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