[rt-users] Bouncing or Forwarding Tickets.

Scott A. McIntyre scott at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 12 13:29:07 EST 2002


One of my queues has a group with group rights assigned which permit
anyone in that group to muck about with tickets within the queue.  However,
someone within that group has asked if it were possible to "bounce" the
ticket from the Web interface directly to his email inbox; in essence,
if he wants the ticked assigned to him specifically, then as soon as it
is assigned to him he wants to only work through the email interface,
and not the Web.  At present, if he's not specifically listed as a
Watcher he will never receive a copy of the ticket OnCreate (yes, we
could use aliases to accomplish this, with the alias as a Watcher,

I've got the add-on for ticket stealing installed, but that's not quite
the same thing...what he'd like is the ability to re-send or bounce the
entire ticket to him as if he were a watcher, but only for that ticket.

What's the best way of accomplishing this?   The alias as watcher?  A
Scrip?  Something I'm not thinking of?



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