[rt-users] Queue Costumization

Swayne, Mark A mark.a.swayne at xo.com
Tue Feb 12 14:21:09 EST 2002

I'm trying to configure a queue to handle trouble tickets for my company.
The thing is we have many custom applications that are identified internally
by an application code (like 1234ABCD), this needs to be tied to an account
manager and client, which should be autopopulated in the ticket.

How can I achieve this with RT?  It looks like everything else I need to do
to keep the suits happy and save us from remedy is doable.

I assume that I want to start by adding a table to the db, something like
tblApplication, with fields AppID, AcctManager, Client.  Then I should also
create an interface for managing this info and put it in html/local.

How do I plug this work into RT?

Even knowing what APIs to study would help speed my task up.

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