[rt-users] Accessing a user's tickets

Jaime Kikpole jkikpole at cairodurham.org
Tue Feb 12 15:18:22 EST 2002

	Thanks to the tips I was given today, I'm starting to understand
RT's code a bit.  I am trying to list one user's tickets and think that
I've gotten a good deal of the way there.  I've based it off of the
/Elements/MyTickets file.  I don't know how to modify the following lines
to not use the login session data, though:

$MyTickets = new RT::Tickets ($session{'CurrentUser'});
$MyTickets->LimitOwner(VALUE => $session{'CurrentUser'}->Id);

	I've tried a few guesses, but they didn't work.  They did show me
that $session{'CurrentUser'} is a hash of data, but I don't know its
format or how to feed it a specific user.  Can anyone offer a pointer?

						Thanks in advance,

Network Administrator
Cairo-Durham Central School District

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