[rt-users] Problem accessing User list from Web Interface

Shannon Pedersen spedersen at cspeed.com
Wed Feb 13 03:43:28 EST 2002

I have a user that has all of the same privileges as the default root
user.  The root user can successfully create users and then you can load
the Admin/Users page to see the new user as well as create others.

However, the new user with the same privileges is able to create a user
(verified by checking MySQL directly) but after creating this user, I
now cannot access the users AT ALL from the Configuration page.  

The page banner loads, so I see "Admin/Users" at the top of the page, as
well as the navigational links (through Groups/Keywords/Queues/etc..)
but the rest simply does not load.  I don't get an page error, either,
it just seems to be continuously trying to load something.  I didn't
have this problem before adding the user, since obviously I was able to
get to the page to add him, so something must be up with him.  Even
while this problem occurs for the user page, I am able to successfully
load all of the other admin pages.

I've restarted httpd, mysqld, checked the logs for both and for RT, and
nothing seems amiss there.  I've also restarted my client just in case
that was the odd thing.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?  Obviously I can get around it,
but it seems odd.


Shannon Pedersen

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