[rt-users] Problem accessing User list from Web Interface

Harald Wagener hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com
Wed Feb 13 06:36:02 EST 2002

Shannon Pedersen wrote:
> I have a user that has all of the same privileges as the default root
> user.  The root user can successfully create users and then you can load
> the Admin/Users page to see the new user as well as create others.
> However, the new user with the same privileges is able to create a user
> (verified by checking MySQL directly) but after creating this user, I
> now cannot access the users AT ALL from the Configuration page.


> Has anyone seen this behaviour before?  Obviously I can get around it,
> but it seems odd.
> Thanks,
> Shannon Pedersen

I would guess the new user is not a global SuperUser (this is the only
right root has globally in the beginning, so this should do the trick.
It did on my last installation).


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