[rt-users] enhanced-mailgate and pgp?

Beachey, Kendric Kendric.Beachey at garmin.com
Wed Feb 13 09:36:30 EST 2002

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> From: Bruce Campbell [mailto:bruce_campbell at ripe.net]
> On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Sheeri Kritzer wrote:
> > the README for the enhanced-mailgate says that, for the 
> enhanced mailgate
> > to work, "you need to configure gpg's keyring for the user 
> the mailgate
> > runs as with the public keys of all your technical folks."
> >
> > and users need to "ign your messages with standard PGP/MIME 
> signatures."
> >
> > I have 2 questions.  1)  the enhanced-mailgate is a perl 
> script.  Where
> > does it go?  2)  do I need to worry about the pgp stuff?  
> can't I just
> Same place as the current mailgate, and you'll need to change 
> your aliases
> (etc) to match.
> > deal with it the way it is?  Or do I have to make everyone 
> in my dept
> > start signing their messages now?
> The PGP warnings are if you wish to use PGP.  As far as I 
> know, enhanced
> mailgate will work without requiring PGP.

Can anyone confirm or deny Bruce's statement?

I, like Sheeri, read the above and figured it meant the enhanced mailgate
*required* the use of PGP.  The prospect of trying to get 650 people to
start using PGP was enough to put me off my dreams of using the enhanced
mailgate.  If PGP is just an option and not a necessity, I'd like to try the
thing out.
Kendric Beachey

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