[rt-users] enhanced-mailgate and pgp?

Harald Wagener hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com
Wed Feb 13 09:46:23 EST 2002

"Beachey, Kendric" wrote:
> Can anyone confirm or deny Bruce's statement?
> I, like Sheeri, read the above and figured it meant the enhanced mailgate
> *required* the use of PGP.  The prospect of trying to get 650 people to
> start using PGP was enough to put me off my dreams of using the enhanced
> mailgate.  If PGP is just an option and not a necessity, I'd like to try the
> thing out.
> --
> Kendric Beachey

Well, as far as I understood, You could use the enhanced mailgate
without pgp, but then You couldn't use much of it's enhancements, except
if You allow everything to 'erveryone'. 


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