[rt-users] Cool albeit potentially scary qmail hack

Rich Lafferty rich+rt at lafferty.ca
Wed Feb 13 13:56:41 EST 2002

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 02:02:56AM +1100, Sam Johnston (samj at samj.net) wrote:
> I don't see anything at first glance that would make this .qmail-default 
> file particularly horrible from a security point of view. It pretty much 
> fully automates queue/email integration - you just make the queue and 
> away you go. This works with queuename-action where action defaults to 
> correspond if none is specified. Works for me on my debian system on 
> which sh->ash.
> |/usr/bin/preline /import/unit/home/rt/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 
> ${EXT%%\-*} --action ${EXT2:-correspond}
> Perhaps this deserves a spot in the FAQ and/or install docs, provided 
> there's no glaring security holes?

*I* certainly don't feel like auditing qmail to find out, but that's
certainly poor practice. Why not use the --queue-from-extension option
to rt-mailgate (after fixing the current postfix-only code, or waiting
for me to do same)?

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