[rt-users] Response to requestor fails

fred backman fred at lateral.net
Fri Feb 15 10:38:46 EST 2002


I just finished installing RT 2.0.11 and I am both happy and 
impressed with it so far! But there's one thing which isn't working - 
response to requestor via the web form.

If I create a new ticket (via web or email) the autoreply works fine, 
so the system can definitely send emails. But when I reply to or 
resolve a ticket and want rt to notify the requestor, it just doesn't 
send an email. There are no error messages in the rt log, and no 
trace of the email in the postfix log. (fyi - the autoreply is logged 
in postfix).

Any idea what might be wrong? I have tried requesting tickets from 
two different email addresses, both got autoreplies but the web based 
replies and resolve notifications don't work.

Please advice.


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