[rt-users] RT Statistics Package

Harald Wagener hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com
Thu Feb 21 04:15:14 EST 2002

Rich West wrote:
> Just as an FYI, the call to your site is located on line 91 of
> CallsMultiqueue.html.  :)
> I hate to be another person emailing you about this, but hopefully this
> is an easy one that you have already hashed out.  The installation was
> rather easy, except I do not get the graphs at all (Apache::GD::Graph
> and others are installed).
> I tried, as some have suggested, linking
> /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/<perl_version>/Apache/GD/Graph.pm as
> <rtinstalldir>/WebRT/html/chart, and I get the following error:
> Error during compilation of /usr/rt2/WebRT/html//chart:
> unknown section <%20> (line 87)

This was my idea, and it is wrong, as has been pointed out higher in the
thread. See my posting in the 'installation woes' thread to have a look
at a working configuration.

As well, some of the queue names are hard coded into the Statistics
package. It's a snap to insert Your own queue names, and it should be
easy to come up with a generic solution enumerating existing queues.


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