[rt-users] Can you help with this minor hack?

Dave Ewart Dave.Ewart at cancer.org.uk
Thu Feb 21 11:22:13 EST 2002

For better or worse, I've decided to hack the interface for RT and have
been playing with the 'Home' screen.  All of the requests are from local
staff and I would like to include their name as an additional column in
the "25 highest priority tickets I own..." panel.

The closest I can get is by using


to put in their _email_ address.  However, all these requestors will be
RT users with a "real name" field, which is what I would actually like
to show instead of the email address.

I have dredged the code trying to work my way around the objects and
subroutines, but have got stuck.

What do I need to change the above code to, in order to display the Full
Name of the requestor?


Dave Ewart
Dave.Ewart at cancer.org.uk
Computing Manager, Epidemiology Unit, Oxford
Cancer Research UK
PGP: CC70 1883 BD92 E665 B840 118B 6E94 2CFD 694D E370

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