[rt-users] subject changed to hash ?

matthew zeier mrz at intelenet.net
Fri Feb 22 13:31:04 EST 2002

I tried killing a couple tickets from the command line and got the

boris# /opt/rt2/bin/rt --id=115 --status=dead
Bad RFC822 field name '  Use On Staging Status Changed To'
 at /opt/rt2/lib/RT/Template.pm line 297
Ticket killed by root

The email I got from RT has the subject as a hash.  Any clues what went

Fri Feb 22 10:29:04 2002: Request 115 was acted upon.
Transaction: Ticket killed by root
       Queue: Managed Services
     Subject: HASH(0x7e6bc4)
       Owner: mrz
  Requestors: blah at balh.com
      Status: dead

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computers." - Thomas J. Watson of IBM (1943)

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