[rt-users] enhanced-mailgate

Matt Disney matthew.disney at fedex.com
Fri Feb 22 18:36:28 EST 2002

Actually, I'm using enhanced-mailgate with Sun's standard sendmail 
config right now. What problems did you run into? 

I commented out a bunch of stuff to work around PGP. I still haven't
put it into "production" yet, but it appears to work like a charm. I'm
trying to figure out if I want the PGP or not. I must admit that I
spent a few hours on it and was unable to get the unmodified (except
for obvious important variables at the top) enhanced-mailgate to work.
It could never get the "CurrentUserAuth" or "CurrentUser" from the
GetCurrentUserFromPGPSignature (or something like that) subroutine.  I
did this all just yesterday actually. 


RT2 Troubles writes:
>Are you against using exim for mail? I tried to implement the enhanced 
>mailgate only to find out that I'd have to leave sendmail behind if I did. It 
>broke the deal for my install and I'm investigating other options now.
>On February 22, 2002 02:28 pm, you wrote:
>> I found this add-on on your web page, but do not know, hot to install it.
>> Can anybody help me?
>> Regards
>> Grega
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