[rt-users] color of tickets based on priority

Rob Walker rob at myinternetplace.net
Sun Feb 24 01:13:32 EST 2002

Does anyone out there have patches to color tickets based on priority? 
I know that the flexibility of RT hurts us here, as with keystone (where
I am getting the idea from) the priorities are set for you, with 10 low
and 1 high.  Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about.


This is linked to from 


The screenshots there don't really do my suggestion justice.  I can bare
my soul, so look at  http://www.myinternetplace.net/~rob/pix/keystone/
for the main shot of a keystone install we are using for home.

Also, if anyone wants to get a keystone account there, just let me
know.  I trust you all enough to use it for the betterment of RT.  :-)


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