[rt-users] two domains, one RT?

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Mon Feb 25 06:28:16 EST 2002

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Darren Nickerson wrote:

>   Bruce> Repeat the excercise for /usr/local/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate.  Presto - two
>   Bruce> installations sharing the RT libraries.  Or you could just symlink away ;)
> Well, I finally had a chance to take a crack at this. It occurred to me that
> I might like to upgrade/customize the RT installations separately, and so it
> made sense not to co-mingle the components at all. I installed two completely
> independent RT installations, in:
> 	/usr/local/rt2-tpc
> and
> 	/usr/local/rt2-hyla
> apachestl configtest reports:
> [root at polaris rt-2-0-11]# apachectl configtest
> Subroutine SetContentType redefined at /usr/local/rt2-hyla/bin/webmux.pl line 88.
> Subroutine CGIObject redefined at /usr/local/rt2-hyla/bin/webmux.pl line 93.
> Subroutine handler redefined at /usr/local/rt2-hyla/bin/webmux.pl line 122.
> Syntax OK

This is where its going a bit wonky, as mod_perl by default is
apache-wide, not specific to a specific virtual host.  I'm finding the
same problems with trying to get RT, RT/FM and my own Mason-based archiver
running on the same apache instance under mod_perl (don't like fastcgi ;)

http://www.weedns.com/apache_tuning/fast_modperl_mini_howto.html has a
couple of suggestions that I'm intending to try at some point.

> Am I missing something obvious, or is it going to be impossible to run
> RT2 from two different VirtualHosts which don't share a common
> DocumentRoot?

At the moment, without trickery, it looks that way.  My previous
suggestion will work for getting mail into multiple RT installations
correctly, but won't work for running multiple RT installations from the
same apache instance.  Seperate Apache instances it looks like :(


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